About HomeCare Services

HomeCare Services LLC is in the business for caring for people and their homes.  We dedicate ourselves to letting our customers know, we are NOT going to leave them.  We are with them from the beginning of a project to the end of a project.  We want them to be satisfied with the work quality and the comfort that we bring to the community as a whole.


We have a “customer service” component to the business so that at anytime HomeCare can receive customer requests, questions and concerns. This way customers can voice their opinion and get the work done to their specifications.


We have an emergency system available 24/7.  Our system allows our customers to call into HomeCare for a burst pipe, water damage, no heat, no electricity, etc at any time of the day or night.  


We have a finance service where a customer doesn't have to put any money down to get such projects like roof replacement, water damage where insurance would not cover. 


We provide gift cards for our customers who know people in need of home repairs that may need a "little helping hand".  


We've been out there in the community listening to you and we understand "your house is your home". 


Because of the demand for this type of service, we hired more tradesmen and purchased more equipment.  HomeCare is committed to working with our customers to meet their needs.


As HomeCare Services LLC continues to grow our mission is to spread this service throughout the country.  This road we're traveling is leading us to a humble beginning of knowing we are all One People who need to help each other.


HomeCare Services LLC is a permanent fixture and our mission is to dedicate Homecare to uplift, care, improve and secure our community.