HomeCare Membership

Bronze Tier - Emergency Service

This program allows our HomeCare members to take advantage of our superb service for any type of home improvement ranging from installing a light fixture to replacing a roof.  We offer a 24/7 emergency service, which allows our members to call HomeCare, day or night, on weekends, or even during holidays.


We offer also only to our HomeCare Members, services that include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Call Service

  • No Initial Service Fee

  • Assessing electrical problems at “no charge”

  • Assessing plumbing problems at “no charge”

  • Assessing water leakage at “no charge”

  • Assessing carpentry issues at “no charge”

Pumping out water in your basement that is six inches or less for a size 18 x 18 or less at “no charge”

Lighting your pilot light for your hot water tank, furnace and/or boiler at “no charge”

Boarding up 1-2 windows/doors if damaged by fire at “no charge”

Silver Tier - Rental Collection

The Rental Collection tier is for rental owners who cannot afford a “full-time” property management company cost but can select from an “A la carte” range of property management services that are affordable on a yearly/monthly basis. The property management tier has a variety of services such as welcome letters, rent collection, late notices to both tenants along with engagement with Section 8 when applicable, and other such services. HomeCare also offers as optional services lawn care, snow removal, and 6-month inspections to name a few.

We post rental listings, conduct apartment viewings, and background checks on all potential tenants. We provide our members with estimates free of charge for any service requests. Our Property Management tier covers all interactions with Section 8 regarding lease renewal, rent increases, and inspections. We take pride in our Property Management tier for giving landlords the peace of mind to know that their rental property is secured, well taken care of and their tenants are eager to make their timely rental payments.

Gold Tier - Tenant Direct Call

The Gold Tier of the HomeCare Membership premier product is the Tenant Direct Call Services which includes the 24/7 emergency services and rental collection. What this service does is allow for Tenant’s to make direct calls to HomeCare whenever a repair or service request comes up.

For Landlord this is an additional relief! No longer does the Landlord receive calls all hours of the night in regards to an issue or problem with the building. HomeCare can take care of that stress!  They receive their monthly rental payments.

Whenever a call is made through the tenant direct call service, HomeCare representatives will have a technician go out to assess the issue. Once identified, the Customer Service Admin will call the Landlord with in-depth details on the issue, the price, and when the repair/ maintenance request can be completed.