Secure up 1-2 Windows if damaged by fire at no charge”.

Starting at $120 per year for Single Family House,

less than .33 per day! 

HomeCare Service Membership Program

We are excited to bring you our outstanding HomeCare Service that provides you with a clear understanding as to why we “Care” for your home. We are here, ready to serve your needs anytime. If you have a problem, HomeCare is here. Just give us a call! You can count on HomeCare to be at your door.   


We have an experienced team, with hi-tech equipment and a customer service  center that is positioned, professional and ready to service you!    

Not only do we provide emergency care but we are in the business of assisting you in planning for upcoming renovations to your home.     


We also offer to our customers who want to make a Home Renovation from small to large, a HomeCare Card. With a HomeCare Card, you get to manage your own finances and this gives you more control over your spending cost.

The HomeCare Membership can be broken down into three-tier classes;

Bronze Tier

Emergency Services

  • 24/7 emergency call service with a variety of benefits.

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 Silver Tier

Rental Collection

  • Oversight and execution of Rental Collection on a monthly basis on behalf of landlords from their tenants.

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Gold Tier

Tenant Direct Call Service

  • This allows Tenants to call “directly” into HomeCare Service office instead to their landlord for service request(s).

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